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Hicorp Industries has the innovative vision to plan and create the future.

Are you searching for a company to help you with your television, video or radio production?

Imagine dealing with someone who has worked with companies like CNN, Volkswagen, ABC, CBS, 60 Minutes 20/20, BET, ESPN, Super Bowls, Lowes, Home Depot training videos, Chick-fil-A Coldwell Banker Real Estate presentations and shows, work for Lockheed Martin and Boeing, and the list goes on.

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Video production for businesses has become a necessary tool for success in the corporate world. From orientation and training videos to retail videos and everything in between. The applications for videos in today's business world are limitless. With the help of Moore Media Productions, your business can have a unique line of innovative and professional videos that will not only increase your bottom line but give you a "Leg Up" over your competition.

There are many obvious sound reasons to go with somebody who does great work and is affordable, it's like buying a Bentley at Chevrolet prices. Seriously when you work with Wayne, he is going to talk with you, he's going to listen to you, he's going to assure you when you're right, but most importantly, he's going to advise you when an idea might be a little risky. .

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